Guto's creation room.


Recently I’m going through some changes in my whole life, relating work, research, projects and developments. One of the changes that will mainly impact the way I work is with my current setup and how it is organized in general, changing components and complete organization.


The use of a hybrid system was always something I tried to look for, with the aim of making better use of resources, new knowledge, new experiences, always trying to learn something new by stepping out of my comfort zone. The best way I found to relate all these points with this construction of a hybrid system for general purposes, both for research and development and for work, directly impacting my performance and desire.

The main change occurred with my main PC, which in the lives I’ve done in recent weeks and used in the last year was limited to my desktop using mostly Linux distributions (Arch and Fedora) for research and development projects, in addition to integrating part of the desktop with Windows (the experience boiled down to using WSL for just about everything). I also had a laptop, a MacBook Air M1, which it helped me with during college and which ultimately became its main purpose. I used it mainly for general work, research with the architecture and additional experiences with the Apple ecosystem. Using it for just over a year, I managed to notice that the integration in this ecosystem is absurd, simply creating an indescribable experience that would be a reason to seek evolution in the future.

With that, I set out to create the long-awaited hybrid work system, linking the Apple ecosystem with my desktop in order to be able to better use all the resources I was interested in.


I recently switched from a laptop to a new MacBook in order to build better integration. The previous model had some limitations that prevented some desirable experiences, such as using two monitors and handling containers in a freer way. With that, the exchange would be the best way, which I happily achieved.

My desktop PC, which already had specific disks for different operating systems, now contains a disk with Windows (for games and other purposes with the system), a search disk (with no fixed operating system, varying mainly between BSDs and different Linux distributions for servers) and finally, the disk that makes the magic happen, containing an Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS (will be updated to the latest version in the future) configured with all my development environment, containing the connection configuration with openssh , allowing remote connection via ssh, which in this case is performed on the aforementioned laptop.

With this type of connection I can use the terminal normally, connect to some code editor with ssh support (such as Visual Studio Code), in addition to several purposes, being able to better isolate my resources, expanding the capacity of my machine that I no longer need a graphical user interface. The connection is made through the local network, but possibly soon I will configure it to make it public, with the possibility of integration with Cockpit, managing different distributions within the same machine in a virtualized way.


Not using the machine directly does not mean that it will not be used, quite the contrary, I will be able to use all the resources in a better way, with the possibility of having the so-called “best of both worlds” with all this integration.

The project itself started from an old motivation, from some people who carried out the same process and indicated the experience mainly for a better feeling in the construction and communication of servers. As much as it does not have a specific direct connection, I believe it influenced this final decision.

The purpose of this post is just to pass on a point that I found interesting and of learning, that you can experience yourself and say what you think.